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Nov.​ 7,​ 2022 | Today’s news and insights for food industry leaders

Note from the editor


I've spent the last six years covering food tech, and it's given me a front-row seat to watching a new industry grow. Today, some of the companies I saw start are raising hundreds of millions of dollars; planning huge factories; serving animal-free meat, dairy and egg products; and putting themselves at the forefront of changing how the world gets its food.


But this has not been smooth sailing, by any stretch. Despite what looks on the outside like massive preparation, many of these companies are still doing most of their work behind the scenes, getting ready for the day their technology, scale and/or regulatory status can handle mass production.


I talked to many of today's leading food tech companies about how they're making the leap from proof of concept to consumers' plates. I also talked to some scale-up experts about the process companies need to go through to make it happen. What they told me about the journey is chronicled in a five-part series that starts today: From science to CPG. New installments will run every day this week.


I hope that you enjoy the series. Thanks so much for reading!


Megan Poinski
Senior Reporter, Food Dive
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